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Keep 100% of Your Commission and Get Powered by redKorr.

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At redKorr we believe in

- Savings - Keep 100% of your commission and only pay $495 per transaction.

- Technology - Instant Offer, Blockchain, GEO Marketing, redLinx, and so much more.

- Simplicity - Cloud brokerage, online training and transaction compliance.

- Reinvestment - Put your money into technology and coaching to grow your business.

- Mentorship/Coaching - Grow your real estate business with a proven top producer. 

- Your Brand - We’re a platform for empowering agents to build their brand.

New Agents... KorrPath promotes Immediate Success and is the perfect way to build your Business and Brand on our dime with our technology, mentorship and systems while you move to your 100% commission!

The Real Estate Industry is Changing ... Are You?

Technological advancements are making sweeping changes to our industry. Agents must rise to overcome these challenges or risk getting left behind. redKorr is committed to keeping our agents relevant and competitive so they can grow a successful real estate career. The paradigm shift is here. It's time to make the change.


With the ever increasing agent saturation, competitive commission rates, and technological advances literally changing the Real Estate industry, agents need every competitive advantage they can get! We do this by offering savings, technology, tools, systems and training that gives you the tools you need to set yourself apart in this industry. 

At redKorr we make it all about YOU and YOUR BRAND. We all know that most clients and customers hire the agent for their personal ability to perform, and not the brokerage logo on their name tag. So why not make it all about you? We call this the “Powered by redKorr” approach. YOUR BRAND, Powered by redKorr. 

Whether you are starting a new brand or developing an existing one, we have the tools you need to become a recognized industry player. 

redKorr offers literally everything you might need to launch a successful Real Estate career. Through our partnership programs we offer transaction coordinating, business coaching and a marketing/design center providing you with unparalleled opportunities to grow your business. Let's grow together!

redKorr gives you ...

Company support.

Amazing & effective marketing material.

Technology based campaigns.

Access to company technology and systems.

Agent portal with personal website.

Weekly virtual training from top producers and special guests.

Contract review for 100% compliance. 

100% Commission paid at funding.

Let's Get You ...

Agent Portal

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